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Meet Team TEK

TEK Printing was founded in 1986 when Kirk Pederson recognized that while many printers offered excellent quality or decent prices, few offered both coupled with solid customer service.  Thus, TEK Printing was born to serve the printing needs of Southern Oregon & Northern California (and now thanks to the web, everywhere)  Our goal is simple: Do the best work at the best price in a timely manner, and be nice about it while we're at it.

Kirk opened his own printing business (and changed his name) primarily to escape the Paparazzi.  A famous producer/director, Kirk had grown weary of the lights, camera and action so he decided to move to Oregon.  His business, like his movies, has naturally become a great success.  In addition to running the business he also enjoys his role in sales because it allows him to indulge his love of theater. KirkP@TEK-Printing.com

Lee is an innovator. His latest idea was a reality show which he pitched to the Travel Channel called “1000 Beaches in 1000 Days.” The premise was that every day, Lee would go sit in a lounge chair on a different beach in the Caribbean and comment on the beach, the people that walked by him and also on whatever type of beer he was having that day. Curiously, the Travel Channel passed on this concept and Lee returned to Tekprinting to resume selling printing though he still feels the beach chair show had enormous potential..  Lee@TEK-Printing.com

BRIAN DIXON - Office Manager
International adventurer, Foreign Correspondent, Ladies Man, Jack-of-all-trades Brian Dixon is probably the second most interesting man in the world. He might very well have been number one if not for the failure of his catch phrase: “I don’t always drink wine, but when I do, I prefer a fruity merlot.” Brian has turned in his fedora, cowboy hat, pith helmet, beret and even his sombrero to work in a place where he doesn’t need a cool hat. Even so, he’s doing the accounting and customer service, so he’s still got a lot going on.  Brian@TEK-Printing.com
Kelli was a very successful folk singer in the 90’s which may come as a surprise to people who weren’t aware that there were folk singers in the 90’s. She was best know for her ukelele accompanied ballads about traveling across the country in a volkswagen van looking for romance, fun and souvenir snowglobes. Eventually of course, she had to give up the life of a wandering minstrel, settle down and get a real job so she came here to Tekprinting to answer the phone with her signature wit and good cheer. tekprint@TEK-Printing.com

Sophie a.k.a. Sof-a-Loaf, masquerades as a loveable mascot who takes great pleasure in going out to greet anyone who walks through the door. She is very friendly and often spends her afternoons amusing the rest of team tek. Her real job though is office security. It became necessary to hire Sophie when large quantities of red licorice went missing off the front counter much to the dismay of some of the more ravenous members of the staff. Sophie was brought in to prevent any more of this kind of criminal activity. With her keen intellect and uncanny ability to sniff out any kind of wrongdoing, Sophie has become the highly formidable, not-so-thin, white & brindle line of justice.
Former Dalai Lama and world class Skeet Shooter, Ernie (or E.T. as he is called by people who like to give other people nicknames), turned in his rifle and robes for a pen when he discovered he could make more money as an artist than at shooting clay pigeons or praying. Ernie has given rise to prominence and is arguably one of the finest commercial artists on the  west coast (Arguably because commercial artists are a squabbling sort of crowd.). ET@TEK-Printing.com

Brent of course, remains heavily medicated as the number of rush jobs and customer supplied Publisher files continue to increase and push him ever closer to the brink of screaming lunacy. His latest claim is that he was bitten by a werewolf on a balmy summer evening while strolling through the woods.  His wife however has confirmed to the rest of the staff that the "werewolf" in question was actually a wiener dog that nipped at his ankle at the dog park. Brent@TEK-Printing.com
AARON SARGENT - Embroidery
Aaron was born in the back of a cab during a police chase. His mother was on the run from the Feds and trying to prove his father innocent of a massive ponzi scheme (which he was). The cab driver was Edgar Busterton, a retired MI-5 operative who decided to help a pregnant damsel in distress because he was sick of driving at the speed limit. Meanwhile, Aaron’s grandma (a retired cia agent with superhuman sniper capabilities) had infiltrated the organization of the real ponzi schemer and after much action and gunfire, Aaron’s parents, grandma and newly-named godfather (Edgar) managed to capture the real criminals and clear their names. Aaron’s life is nowhere near as interesting. He just does embroidery. Aaron@TEK-Printing.com

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